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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Canada

Viagra - still the best cure for impotence.

"Viagra" was invented in 1992, and released to the market - in 1998. Does this miracle pill have its reputation as the best effective remedy for impotence, as claim advertisers? Here we are going to speak about who, when, and how to take Viagra in order to obtain desirable results.

"Viagra" - is the most popular commercial name of the drug sildenafil. It is interesting that this drug was originally studied as a treatment for cardiovascular disease. But Viagra has shown quite unusual "side effect", namely, high efficacy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This property was a decisive and turned into the main side effect.

At the present time Viagra is not used to treat cardiovascular pathologies. But Viagra Canada and its generics (bioequivalent copies) are quite successfully used to reduce blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries after heart surgery.

Despite the first mission of Viagra online in Canada and similar pills, before using them patients should consult with the doctor, especially if there is any cardiovascular disease.

James McQueen urologist, Canada

‚ÄúToday Viagra is considered one of the best drugs for potency - its efficiency 89-95%. The main group of patients whom I would recommend this product - after 40-45 years, men who have erectile dysfunction (usually due to atherosclerosis or diabetes). Besides them, there is a whole category of young patients, whom Viagra can help overcome the fear of first sexual experience. In rare cases, the use of this drug can lead to serious health problems. Among the major contraindications - heart failure, angina and severe hypertension. Therefore, before taking Viagra, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist at first. Drawing on my experience, I can say that Viagra help when a man has a sexual desire. If there is not (e.g., when a man is workaholic), this drug will not help. Therefore, in addition to mandatory ECG and consultation with the attending urologist, it makes sense to visit a sexologist or psychologist. A new generation of drugs from class Viagra - is Levitra and Cialis, the speed of action is faster and the drugs have less contraindications‚ÄĚ.

Nowadays, except for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra Canada pharmacy there are many other drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (about 20-30 titles). If earlier Viagra has been considered the best remedy for impotence, now there is a new generation of not less effective drugs. But taking such medications requires mandatory consultation with a doctor-sexologist.